Wednesday, April 30, 2008

ouch.................argh!!!!!!!!!today is full of crap.first we weren't playing well and we lost 5-0 to the african ppl...they are so big size and really hard to believe..their shots are so powerful oso....and while trying to save one shot. i injured my finger severely...its not dislocated and stuff..........but injured...can't bend it...............arrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!we oso lost to the iban group..4-0 well they weere good coz we din't have a strong back n aaron chong is very very frustrated.....because there is no point shouting..............if we shout then we concede a goal..they will scold us.....anyway we really really lack experience on this issue....until next time guys.......bye.........

Its getting late and i just broke my playing tommorow and this soso angry...after controlling my diet by not eating unhealthy food and all the preparation for the match tommorow it all comes down to this..anyway i have to pack my kit and go to bed now...i am not on the best form at the moment because of certain reasons...i do not noe who to look to but i can always count on God......To walk with him no breath is lost...I can do all things through Christ who sterngthens that's all ppl...

argh..the week has passed so quickly...especially when you're getiing ready for a match tomorow..It isn't easy to be the school number 1 gk..I have the most pressure as this is basically the toughest position on the pitch..well it's also because we're not competing under-15 but we are competing against adults..their shots are very more powerful and their definitely bigger size than us.Well we're competing in the Fga sports carnival...we are going in as underdogs as we lack experience ont the pitch.Well our captain will give us the motivation to lead us all the way to winning.Anyway i want to apologize to Aaron chong for stealing his limelight in the past few months.well i have to end here and for all sri sempurnaans i wish you all the best in tml's tournament.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Im goin nuts over IRON MONGER!

-iron monger-

okk..this may sound weird to some of u ppl..y i say this coz some of u are not a fan of Iron man..actuali im not a fan of iron man..its just that itend to support villians than heroes....heroes always win..there's no substance....

anticipating the release of the movie Iron man in Malaysia just two more days away....i do not noe how will the movie end just have to wait.....

28 of week.... i very susah la...i the whole day stiff neck...cant reali walk properly...cant even think straight...and today is the start of career week..some ppl came to give us students of smss a talk about their college and what they offer...the first session is from the Methodist colledge Kuala lumpur..the ppl were Terry Brougham,Mdm.Moey Yoke Lai and our ex pninciple Mrs Girlie Tan.They were giving us tips on how to study....they told us not to take down the notes..but i was stupid enough to do the end roy got awarded geram la...then the next talk was from Imu..the speaker was speakin but nobody was even listening..haha....the teachers were also embarrased at our behaviour..coz that talk everybody no interest and dun lyk medicine.....argh so boring la...anyway at least we get to skip i reali hope that we will have the same situation tml.....coz i dun want to do my oral..this week is oso gonna be a very hectic match on may 1st..preparing for mid year exams....this is all bout my school life today....later ppl....

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I just came back from veri tireing drained out....completely no energy left..worst of all i have to complete all assignments...n my parents just limited my freedom of going online as much as now...that means not as many updates as before...anyway they are doing it for my own good oni...i have to not fail pmr...even though it seems rather possible at the moment for certain reasons..some of you ppl will noe why....and today my bro score reali reali kai....should have take video...and today i went out with a cute n handsome young boy for lunch then later he came to my house to chill.....ill show you guys some pics of him...please let me know how was it..enjoy....

this lil'fella is samuel[cute rit]

my bro with sam..

thats all for now folks...seeya next time..

Saturday, April 26, 2008

mu vs chelsea match my view

waiting for the whistle to blow in the final minutes of the mu vs chelsea match...waiting to see wheter my verdict was correct...thinkin mayb next time i can be a football pundit........anyway after the whistle blowed i screamed expressing my happiness towards the triump over the red devil's.well the winner was scored by micheal ballack through a penalty...he din miss as this goal will be very crucial deciding the champions of the truly sorry to the mu fans for their loss..and to chalsea fans..Rock on...and for all of u ARSENAL's gonna be back next season with great firepower..this is me daniel sya on the latest and happenings on the epl...

My predictions for the mu vs chelsea match

Anticipating the m.utd vs chelsea match....just minutes away from kickoff.....i am reali hoping that chelsea could reali scoop something arsenal has no chance of even getting the title....i predict that chelsea would win even tho lampard is away due to the loss of his mum[my deepest condolonces]even though sir alex furgeson's side is very strong with the help of the on-form player Christiano Ronaldo and strike patner Carlos tevez.My verdict is chelsea 2-1.

My experience in taman negara

welcome again....this time round its gonna be very different...instead of football crazy..i am gonna put some pics of me.some of them will include my bro ..........ill start with a few first..then next time we will move on...all this pics was when i was in Taman negara.the one in pahang...i was 8 yrs old at that time..have fun..hope you lyk it...

me crossing suspension bridge

on the sampan..

ok this one..i was virtually driving the was so fun....i can never forget..


I really want to take this oppotunity to thank my parents for bringing me to all these places when i was younger...if it wasn't then i wouldn't want to go to such places at this age....and for all of u seeking feedback on taman negara..or you have interests in visiting this place feel free to talk to me at

Friday, April 25, 2008

The very perasaan 'me

[thats not me]
ok....if u guys realise i dun put pictures of myself but i do put stupid role model or my fav football team arsenal..about myself..i have been supporting arsenal since 1999 when i was in singapore.I started liking arsenal on the day they were playin against M.utd,btw my whole family supports m.utd..coming bak..i saw the way they play and was amazed..from then my parents oso convinced me to support m.utd..but its a free world rit?from then on..i started going against their F1 i support the mclaren team..while my entire family supports the Ferrari..on the other bro tends to follow my dad's

on my other football clubs i support.. the spanish primera - i support BARCELONA! the italian serie a - i support AC MILAN! the german bundesliga - definitely BAYERN MUNICH!

4.and for international - FRANCE!

talkin bout my role model...his name is Thiery Daniel Henry..
in case u guys are wonderin why i name my blog the perassan me is coz of this dude..I have his middle name oso...haha..he is one of my major influences in my life..i lyk the way he plays...
football..i wish to b lyk him someday..this is all from me thx for reading....

arsenal 2007-2008 review goin nuts about usual...but im reali pissed at arsenal's
performance this season...they din end the race well....they had a very good start in fact this is their youngest team ever....i enjoy watching them play...their manager Arsene Wenger is a master philosopher....he put in a lot of encouragement to the whole team..arsenal is gonna get new players next season...this season's the squad is very prone to injuries.The biggest blow to them is the Equardo incident.He was tackled by martin tyler.he broke his virtualy broke....let me show u guys about it.....[on the top] and another thing..arsenal's back 4 was not strong at the end of the season...kolo toure has completely lost his form after the african nations cup..william gallas has made many mistakes coming to the end of the season..and Adebayor ever since he changed his hairstyle...from braids 2 afro he has not been scoring..Theo walcott has also not been scoring in the epl..he only managed to score three in the entire season..he scored many more in the champions leauge or the FA cup..i am truly disapponted with their silver ware at all...not even the league saying this to let you all know...dun be overconfident n don't look down on people no matter what...Arseanal has made that mistake..for those of you who reads my blog and doesn't have interests in football may find it boring...i hope to put in more interesting stuff next time..

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Chin and Aolani sittting on a tree,


the tree branch broke,

I cant see Aolani.!!

HMM...Welcome to planet lame...


how yall doin?

well this blog is created by Daniel sya............
im new to this so bear with me as i may b lame or i might offend any of u ppl out there.........well if u tink im lame feel free to leave..........................

well hope ull enjoy wad i have 4 u all....another good piece of advice 4 u all is...if u have no i mean not even a little interest of football at all i suggest u leave.....................

N finally...i would oso dedicate this blog to ARSENAL!