Friday, October 24, 2008


form 3s

let me start by saying....'i had a BLAST today'!!!!!

although some of you may know or think how boring genting is..

but things turn 360 degrees when you're with a bunch of friends and when there's girls.(4 guys) What can beat that huh?? hehehe

a group of form 3s from sri sempurna went on an outing to Genting..

the bunch^^

To me i enjoy the comapny with all my pals more than the rides of the entire themepark..there's more humour,activity,interaction n of cause POSING!! hahaha

my favourite poser..weng

looks like he wanna rob the atm

chee weng! how could u!?

well today wasn't what i expected..i thought it would be one of those school outings where we were confined by rules and regulations even out of the school compound..but i was totally had more fun than ever..despite losing my phone due to my carelessness..i've learned a lifelong lesson to take care of my things more carefully..other than that rides with "certain people' makes it double the FUN!!!!!

we made a visit to some kind of animal kingdom..haha..nothing much to say but pictures may help you get the picture.

entrance to animal kingdom

me n weng posing in front of a rattlesnake

haha.i wanna make love in this...

it looks fake rite??

i also had to learn during bowling..
i had to pretend to let 'others' be happy^^
although my score didn't turn out so nice..but it was definitely a joy to see 'someone' get the joy of getting many strikes..=)

Friday, October 17, 2008



well i do not know u celebrated ur sensasional MERDEKA party..butr mine was very simple. it just had a few elements of fun n just enough not to get me in trouble..haha.. well it's all about releasing that tension inside..Most of us sstill have finals to finish.but if u see any groups of students in malls smiling like they never did..they must be form 3s! =)

P.M.R. is an experience to never forget...every one of us have to go through it life except for those who choose to go home schooling..-.-

BUT THERE IS A CATCH!!!...the results will be coming somewhere in december.....that means it will determine wheter we will have a good n awesome Christmas or will be looking disappointed even when receiving their presents...but even if things don't go your way..i really urge you to work extremly hard for your spm..that's more important..

Many of us were so happy that we had nothing to say but our expressions show everything! well i do have some plans over the holidays so i guess i should share them with you guys =)

1) ENJOY the post pmr camps n oso school activities planned.

2) Join arsenal soccer school..=)

3) Fifa 09=)

4) stay tuned to watching the BPL n keep u guys posted..

5) meeting new friends

6)work out to get that desired body.xD


8) catch up on the latest flicks n blockbusters!

9) many more....

i will be updating almost everyday over the holidays so for those of you who are feeling bored please please feel free to drop by here anytime...

for those who feels lonely..i'm always there to talk to.. , 0123494712 =)