Wednesday, November 19, 2008

well well well...heyy all who is reading this..

it's holiday time..and i am starting to feel bored..

this is probably the first time i say such i usually don't get bored during the hols.well maybe i've just had a bad start to the holidays.maybe it's because i'm just goin through some heartaches..but what will this post become if i just become all emo and stuff.

well i have alot of things to share with the world..but i now think my blog is lame..i'm lazy to do something to it.well i hope u stay with me..

this holidays...i plan to go bowling very often,the cinema will also be my best friend,still have to brush up on my snooker skills,join arsenal soccer school,meet more friends,mix my own music,attend various camps,workout and perhaps enjoy staying up late and suceed in fantasy football..

i don't know bout u ppl.but i don't plan to go anywhere this hols expect the'm also very shaky because my results are coming in no time..(that's not a good thing)

the christmas trees in my house are up..=D

let me show you..

oh christmas tree..

ppl...i'll be back with more posts very soon...

The spirit of christmas...

coming soon - dec 08-