Sunday, August 31, 2008

The trials have passed....
but now the big thing is coming up real fast......n i mean real fast............
it's like just a blink of an eye then the year have passed and i won't be seeing my mates if they are leaving...

But to all those who are reading this blog and you are facing P.M.R this year i dedicate this saying to all you ppl...


i am running out of ideas right now....but i need to give some motivation to those that are facing their exams..(mayb in a nt so good way)

well here are my top 10 tips....


1) Sleep like kwok quah
2) DOTA untill die
3)Talk excessively in class to ur mates
4)Get in love..even though the girl doesn't like you bak..u will tend to forget ur studies..
5)Talk crap like i used to alot..
6)Get rejected by the girl you loved so much that u tink she tastes so much like you..
7)Attend concerts even right before the day of the exam
9)BE a FAN of M.UTD they probably the most diceiving club in the whole wide dun support them..
10)DON't touch any books...

haha..till next time ppl..

Thursday, August 14, 2008

ThE LoNg DesiReD FrEEdoM

heyy sorry 4 this last few months..well i ccn say i dd not have the time or wadsoever..its been a boring year 4 me as there were many disappointmets and little achievements.....i'm sorry 4 not updating...

i have many things to say..but i'll just have to summarise it..

well how many many of you have the 'WOW' expression when you saw the opening ceremony of the beijing olimpics?in my last post,i said that the euro 2008 was going to be better than the olimpics? i was wrong..turns out that te EURO 2008 was the one big dissapointment..

1) the matches were all so freakin late.
2)France got knocked out in THE FIRST ROUND!!
3)All the team i bet for..including HOLLAND didn't manage to find a spark.

i was truly disappointed..

later on..
i began to open up more of myself to others...also began to take a leap of courage. i realised that it worked pretty well and i could socialize better..
well talking too much and at the wrong periods of time could really screw things up..I have to apologize to 1 person..if you're reading this i hope you'll forgive me..i'm truly very sorry 4 wad i had caused or at the wrong time.

den came the PMR TRIALS....Just before the trials our school entered tournament..the GARDEN GAMES..i have nothing much to say as we didn't come home with any silverware..then the trials..i screwed up big time...

Now its the beginning of the school hoidays=) i have go catch up in the cinemas as i was banned from gong out anywhere...i have nothing much to say as i am not feeling well today..i hope to update u guys in this holidays
or untill the big PMR examination is over..till den ppl...