Thursday, April 9, 2009


Monday, March 9, 2009

just a little thought for everyone..

Just something i like to say to everyone..

'' Don't waste that one chance God has given to you.''

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

tagged by ROY.

I don't know whether this counts as a tag...cause roy tagged everyone.but anyways..i see a green light to go forward with this..

For those who don't know me well..i'm not that ordinary guy playing dota all day long..well i wish i can make a list of 1001 things bout me..but in this case..i abide by the 16 things!!! arrhhh!! well..PPL TAG ME MORE!

Directions: Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog or a note on Facebook with sixteen random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end choose ten people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don’t forget to leave them a comment (”you’re it”) and to read your blog. You can’t tag the person who tagged you. Since you can’t tag me, let me know when you’ve posted your blog/note, so I can see your weirdness.

are u ready??

1. I care for girls alot =]

2.I like oakley's!

3.I think M.utd is a piece of shyt..

4.I miss someone now..=(

5.I love FOOTBALL!

6.MUSIC is my life!

7.i love posing! and i'm not afraid of letting the world noe!

8.I LOVE calvin klein's undergarments =]

9.I'm not a gamer! instead a sports freak! (btw i play all sports u noe! )

10.I believe that true love will prevail..

11.I'm a mastermind =D

12.i yet to learn surfing to take that special someone surfing in our honeymoon in the maldives=)

13. I'm beggining to mature =D riterite?

14. i believe love isn't blind! it's only for blind ppl! i guess i found mine? lol

15.I love working out^^


16. I'm still single and available =] *terms and conditions may vary*

got so much to talk bout!! ppl tag me back!

now i tag....

yee lian =) and EVERYONE else who is reading this and has a blog..=]

good nite peeps=)

i'm back baby!

*takes deep breath*

it's been a such a winding journey and in that journey came many cut the short story even shorter..i just am sorry for not updating!

now that things have become more stable..i decided to come back and blog..and yeah..many of u who also asked me to update..(yee lian i'm sorrry) - tak dengar cakap'

hmmm..i've got nothing much to say rite now..but i'm gonna tell u a lilttle word of wisdom...


i began to realise that since..i was sitting down and ponder on my future..

i thought to could we play football at the age of 60? or even have some time to workout while we are working in the future?

i now realised the importance and benefits of being young..(is that a sign of being mature??)

i've got nothing much to i'll come up with another post about roy tagging me..well till then folks! stay tuned! bye bye..=)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

A stable internet connection,comes a stable amount of posts..


ONE GOOD TIP : U MOBILE BROADBAND IS MUCH CHEAPER AND FASTER FOR ME.BUT IT DOES COME WITH A CATCH! YIKES..after a few months of smooth sailing internet connection,i had not a single complaint about the service.until one fine day,the service provider keeps failing me.Every five to ten minutes it'll disconnect by itself and when i all the company up,all they say they are just having some technical problems .Couldn't they have said that they'll fix things as soon as possible? or they are sorry that this have to happen?? i would be furious if i'm a businessman myself..It'll disrupt my business! oh well..if any of the U-MOBILE staff are reading this..i appologize to not promoting ur comapny..but if u want me to promote..i need top flight service...i'm not sure wheter i'm the only one using this service..if any of you have the same or similar problems..please feedback to me..

EEEeeSssshHHHHH laa! all the posts i promised u guys..even christmas has passed =(

i always hate it when christmas's so quick..just 1 day out of 365 days,24 hours out of 8,760 hours! since a little boy..i always looked forward for christmas was the time of the year i always wait for! years go by...the number of presents i receive i getting lesser! but look at the bright side..not nescessarily it's getting smaller! hahaaa. well i hope u enjoy christmas as much as i do every year!

this time round,i had the most barbeques!! wheee!
a couple in my place,some others and one at mr.nigel's the day before =) some of u may know that i love barbeques..why? haha.because i'm a chinese guy who thinks he's white..XD i love the lifestyle of the westerners.but still,mamaking and lepaking is still part of me! =) some call me the bbq king..because my speciality is lamb..have u tried it?? the day before,i started of the cooking for the party..the meat turned out pretty well=) untill...the form fours forced me to go inside and to eat and entertain some of the guests..guess what..a little while after that..they came in with a plate of BURNT meat! which no one even dare to touch..haha.i'm sorry form fours..u did ur best trying..maybe it's ur first? well in the end, mr.nigel asked me to be the supervisor again..anyway..part of my new years resolution is to have a bbq party over in my place next year..not very sure who to invite yet..wait! it's too early! anyways..if u wanna come,be smart and be my friend and we'll see bout that later on.. be sure to do that before may 2009...

okayy moving on...

enough of barbeques..

still with me??

as i sit down and look out of the window..gazing the open skies..i wonder what my life would be after collecting my results this tuesday..would i be hiding every corner from friends and relatives from asking me what i got? or would it be the total opposite?? can't stop smiling and keep thinking what i could get?? or would it be a dull new year's eve? anyways,the results all depends on how much effort we put in studying before the exam..with fingers crsosed , i hope i can achieve satisfying results this time round..

i'll be back soon with more posts and updates..

till then =)

has'ta' la' vista' baby=)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

a new post!'s time for another post this time...

well this time i feel like sharing my time in mid valley last week...
a couple of us went to midvalley last friday...
well it was also a suprise to meet MR.NIGEL there!
hmm...he was with his girlfriend,buying stuff for his christmas tree..haha
nahh..i'm kidding bout his girlfriend..but ladies,he's still available...u want his number? just approach me xD

well me,abiel and law went mainly to catch our weekly movies..
this time it was transporter 3 and wild child..
for those of you who have noticed,transporter 3 is rated 18sg..but still we managed to get in and enjoy the was so fun sneaking in the cinema! haha..i'm not gonna tell u how but it has a height requirement..haha

well i recomend all u out there to watch transporter and wild's really something not to be missed!
i'm gonna stop here=(
i'll be back blogging until my internet is in a stable connection...
till then,cheers!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Discipleship camp 08

First and foremost i would like to admit that i have been rather lazy to update my blog..but as soon as i recover from all these i'll get back to u all with loads of pics i promise..i won't be sharing much bout the camp as many of the things are pwetty personal.if u wanna noe just approach me in msn or sms or in anyway..that way i can share them with u.The camp was AWESOME! i really felt the winds of change in my was truly an experience of a keep visiting my blog and one day you'll see more n more things the meantime,you can enjoy some of my favourite songs and please do leave comments..

-i will be back........- Dj DaNiEL